2.2 The Garden of Sacred Plants

1. Name the inspiration  behind the establishment of Pavitra Vana.
Yellappa Reddy is the inspiration behind the establishment of Pavitra Vana.
2. When was Yellappa Reddy, the conservator of forests?
Yellappa Reddy was the conservator of forests about thirty six years ago.
3. Where is Pavitra Vana situated?
Pavitra Vana is situated at Ramnagaram, 50 miles from Bengaluru.
4. With whose help was the ‘Sacred Plants’ published?
‘Sacred Plants’  was published with the help of Vedic Scholars.
5. What is the English equivalent of Shimshuka tree?
Rosewood is the English equivalent of Shimshuka tree.
6. Why were only jasmine flowers given to Reddy instead of Bilva leaves?
Bilva leaves were not commercially economic to grow and thus only jasmine flowers were given to Reddy.
7. What was the difficulty encountered by Reddy to grow the plants?
The difficulty encountered in growing plants by Reddy was that of identifying them.
8. Describe Reddy’s efforts in creating Pavitra Vana?
Reddy had to consult many scholars, do research on ancient texts and correlate the plants’ ancient Sanskrit names with modern botanical names.
9. What are the benefits of pressing the petals of flowers?
When the petals of flowers are pressed they produce certain volatile oils which generate certain chemicals that enrich the atmosphere.
10. What was the purpose behind setting up Pavitra Vana?

The purpose of setting up Pavitra Vana was to have one single garden of all the trees, flowers, fruits, and berries mentioned in the Vedas.