When someone does you a good deed , you must never forget it . On the contrary , you must look out for the opportunity to do something  good for that person or to someone else . This latter is called ‘paying it forward’ Good must beget good . then only will this world become a better place to live in .  

Very often we are so selfish that we think that if someone does something  good for us , we are entitled to it . Many people behave that way . They do not even have the courtesy to say ‘ that you ‘.

I remember , once I was in my building when the light went off . I was terrified . There was an elderly person in the lift with me . He calmed me down and told me not to worry ; in a few minutes the lift would re – start . Then when the lift began working , he accompanied me to the door of my flat. I was grateful for his comforting presence and thanked him . A few days later , near the parking lot of our building  , I was the grandchild of the same gentleman playing with other children . suddenly a car came up and I could see that the child was in danger . I ran up to the child , lifted him safely away . The elder gentleman , who had once helped me , came up to me and thanked me . I felt that the elderly man had , in fact , earned my act of helpfulness , because he had himself been helpful to me earlier .

There is a wonderful poem about a man who helps an old woman across the street . the woman blesses him for helping her . At the end of the poem the man expresses the found hope that someday , some young man like himself will help his mother when she is in trouble .

Indeed , one should never hesitate to do good for others .

For one good truth deserves another !